Shopping with eVouchers

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Pay and benefit in seconds with the eVoucher

Shopping with eVoucher -
Pay and benefit in seconds!

Thanks to the eVoucher, shopping with Shopping Benefits is quicker, easier and more portable than ever before.

Purchase your eVouchers anytime using the Cashback App and redeem them right away whilst shopping - fast and hassle-free!

Your Cashback and Shopping Points will be credited to your account when you order your eVoucher.

Tip: Put a smile on someone's face and give them an eVoucher. All you have to do is to send them the PDF which you received on purchasing the eVoucher. You can find the PDF in "My eVouchers & Deals - My eVouchers" on the Cashback App or in "My Purchases" on your profile on the website.

Cashback App - Pick up your eVoucher whilst shopping.

It's quick and easy to purchase and redeem your desired eVouchers whilst shopping:

Install Cashback App

Get the free Cashback App for iOS in the App Store or for Android in the Google Play Store.
The Cashback App in the App Store The Cashback App in Google Play
Install the Cashback App free of charge

Order eVoucher

Choose the eVoucher icon in the app and order the eVoucher of your choice.
Order eVouchers in the Cashback App

Pay eVoucher

Pay for your eVoucher of choice easily with your preferred payment option.
Payment for eVouchers is quick and simple with a credit card

Redeem eVoucher

After completing your order, you can redeem your eVoucher right away via the Cashback App.
Redeem your eVouchers when you shop
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