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our story This is nomadic groceries, an online store created by the nomadic popcorn team. The team is committed to finding the texture and taste of travel for travelers.   —   Every place has its own taste, whether it is sweet or salty, and each taste is connected to a memory. Because we were caught flat-footed once, we were trapped in reality and could not leave for a long time.     She said that she wanted to eat Japanese Datulu, and he said that he missed the excitement of Taiwan's spicy hot pot, and we all missed the distant place with the taste unknowingly, so nomadic groceries were born.   —   Nomadic grocery is more than just a shop, we preserve and recreate memories.   In these days when you can't go out, let the nomad groceries find the taste of distant places for you.   —   We carefully select products every week and send them directly from the local area to the port by air. Take advantage of the weekend, buy a taste that belongs to your memories, and have a taste journey with your favorite person.       Hope that nomadic groceries can let you share not only the delicious food, but also your heart.

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