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Terms and conditions

The REPULS therapy is absolutely free of undesired side effects.

• REPULS acts fast against inflammation and pain.

• REPULS is easy to apply, uncomplicated and mobile.

REPULS- VET....The innovation in modern veterinary medicine

• High efficiency against inflammation and pain
• Soft to the tissue
• No damaging side effects
• Treatment is not painful – tranquilizers are not necessary
• Can be used for a lot of treatments:
Tendon discords, joint diseases, insertion desmopathies (suspensory ligament, nuchal ligament), muscle tension, improvement of (delayed) wound healing, back pain, disorders of the cervical spines

• Simple to use – for horses and small animals (dogs, cats, etc.)



REPULS is a very efficient medical LED tecnology and therapy. It leads to a quick reduction of inflammation in the tissue. The result is a fast pain relief.

REPULS acts fast against inflammation and pain REPULS is based on scientific foundations. 9 years of research at the Technical university of Vienna.

REPULS is a patented medical product of class 2B and made in Austria.

REPULS stands out for a high success rate and is used by many doctors, hospitals, sanatoriums and therapists.

REPULS uses pulsed intensive cold red light which penetrates deeply into the tissue. The inflammation controlling Leukotriene metabolism is interrupted and this results in pain relief without any undesired side effects.
At the same time the REPULS therapy stimulates the‘ powerhouse of the cells‘, the mitochondria, to produce additional cellular energy. Thereby the energy level of the cell rises and this leads to faster tissue regeneration.

The breaks between the pulses of light serve the purpose of removing the reaction products by blood circulation.

Any other therapeutical treatments can be combined with REPULS and their effects will be influenced positively.

Also applicable in veterinary issues with our REPULS VET!

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