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The Variety Cruises passion remains unchanged since 1968: an alchemy that blends enriching oneself educationally and exploring the true identity of a destination, while enjoying the comforts and unique benefits of a small ship sailing the seas.
Today, Variety Cruises has grown to operate 11 Mega Yachts and Motor Sailors. Our small ships currently serve handpicked cruise destinations worldwide including Greece, Italy, Turkey, the Canary Islands, the Adriatic Sea, Cape Verde, the Seychelles, Costa Rica & Panama, Cuba, and soon Madagascar & Iceland. 
We look forward to welcoming you aboard one of our ships soon and discover the world the Variety Cruises way.


  • Private Yacht Cruise Experience, with up to 72 fellow passengers 
  • Boutique-size yachts that dock right in the heart of destinations that large ships cannot reach 
  • Carefully crafted itineraries focused on the destination 
  • Ample leisure time in each port including overnights 
  • Mediterranean fusion cuisine with a strong local influence depending on the destination 
  • Personalized service on board provided by experienced and finely trained crew 
  • Small group shore excursions – Immersion in the destination 
  • Swimming platforms allowing guests to swim, snorkel, kayak and more 
  • Yacht Deck Barbecues & Private Events on shore

Some of Variety Cruises’ industry nomination highlights:

  • USA TODAY READER’S CHOICE AWARDS 2016: “Best Boutique Cruise Line” worldwide 
  • CruiseCritic.Com 2015: one of the top 15 small ship cruise lines and ” Best for Yacht Cruises” category 
  • Tourism Awards 2015: Gold Award in “Small Ship Cruising in Greece” category 
  • CruiseCritic.Com; the No.1 small ship cruise line in the Scenic Nature category 
  • Conde Nast Traveler Greece; the best Small Ship Cruise Line in Greece

The Variety Cruises ships operate the following scheduled cruise programs:
  • Greece & the Greek Islands 
  • The Adriatic Sea: Croatia, Montenegro, Albania & Greece 
  • Costa Rica & the Panama, including Panama Canal transits 
  • Cuba 
  • The Seychelles All Year Around 
  • Cape Verde Archipelago 
  • Iceland 
  • West Africa 
  • Egypt, Jordan, Israel and the Red Sea 
  • Bali, Borneo and the islands of Indonesia 
  • Caribbean/Antilles 
  • Spain & Portugal

With more than 400 bed capacity on board 11 vessels, Variety Cruises is the largest Mega Yachts operator in the Mediterranean and one of the top 3 worldwide in the Small Ship market.

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* Ανάλογα με τα εκάστοτε προϊόντα που αποκτούνται από την συμβεβλημένη επιχείρηση, οι προμήθειες μεσολάβησης που καταβάλλονται δύναται να διαφέρουν. Όλες οι πληροφορίες για τον σκοπό αυτόν στην παρούσα ιστοσελίδα, παρέχονται χωρίς καμία απολύτως εγγύηση για την ορθότητα και την ακρίβεια.