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 From the age of 13 in a South African environment of jewels and gems Chris Lyras began his journey of theoretical & practical gemology. True to its founder John Lyras, the second generation continues to offer a notable contemporary jewellery buying experience.
As wholesale importers of precious gemstones as GEO-GEM, we guarantee excellent quality and pricing. When searching for large premium diamonds and coloured gemstones, our inhouse GIA diamonds graduate will work closely with you to make the right choice to suit your needs. You may participate in the design process of your jewellery, so that its creation in our atelier will ultimately carry your mark as well.
In parallel as MOISSANITE HELLAS, we were first to bring created Μoissanite to Greece in 1999. The only stone to boast its origins from a meteorite and offering superb and lasting brilliance, it stands as the most convincing alternative to jewellery featuring impressive size diamonds.

The JOHN LYRAS jewellery boutique in Glyfada is a crystallization of these activities in a relaxed instore environment in the heart of the Athens Riviera, where the harmonious interaction among our team results in fine jewellery comprising precious stones of superior quality and value, beautiful creations and eminently fair pricing

We become our customers’ jeweller of choice due to the high standards of service we’ve set for ourselves. The atmosphere in our store may be friendly and relaxed, however behind the scenes our experience, integrity and attention to detail are what ultimately make the difference.

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