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Easter Campaign Ph 1 2021

It feels as if we just have celebrated the new year and it is already time to prepare for spring and easter. And there are plenty of things we can look forward to. It will get warmer soon, the plants will begin to blossom again and we can go outside without having to put on several layers of clothes. That is good for body and soul.

It is also the time, when we get more active again. Which makes it quite convenient that the myWorld Partners have the perfect offers for that. Now, you get sports clothing, sports shoes or the necessary accessories very cheap, collect Cashback and Shopping Points and get ready to make your body and your spirit to your oasis of well-being in spring.

To support your physical commitment, our Partners also offer you the support you need in the form of healthy meals, dietary supplements and similiar supplies.

When you engage in sports activities you will also need the some electronical extra motivation. That makes a look at the electronics offers from our Partners worth your while. Whether it is a new smartwatch for tracking, new headphones, a new music player or a new smartphone for the most important fitness apps - as long as it helps you to retrieve your best performance, it is exactly what you are looking for.

Already look forward to spring and easter and make sure that you feel good with the offers of the myWorld Partners. Collecting Cashback and Shopping Points while doing that, is an additional bonus. Start shopping now and get your well-being.

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