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Valentines Day Spl HQ 2021

There are quite a few theories about where exactly the origins of Valentine's Day are. The best known one, of course, is the one about Saint Valentine, who carried out Christian weddings in the third century, even though they were forbidden at the time. Tradition has it, that he was executed for that on a 14th of February. Therefore, this day got associated with the name of Saint Valentine and was added to the general calendar by pope Gelasius I. in 469.

The tradition to celebrate this day supposedly started in the Middle Ages, when it marked the celebration of youth and young lovers, especially in England and France. To also give presents to your sweetheart on this day has been a tradition since the middle of the 19th century. And if you like this tradition as much as we do, then check out our Partners right away and secure Cashback and Shopping Points when buying your presents.

Whether you get sweets, flowers, jewellery or perfume, your darling will definitely appreciate your sign of affection. And apart from the gift that you will certainly receive as well, you can also be happy about the Cashback and the Shopping Points you have collected for your purchase at our Partner. This makes Valentine's Day even better. Get the perfect gift for your sweetheart now.

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