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If you wish to book a healing session, kindly book an appointment over the phone or via email. Once having the confirmed appointment kindly purchase the voucher for £75 that I will be able to validate before the session. Thank you


Hello, my name is Agnes and I’m here to assist you to bring ease into your life. Ease with your body, with your money, with your past, future and yes, the ever-present present.
I’m a coach, a healer a helper, an assister. With the many tools and techniques, I can help you open up that dreaded baggage and see what is not needed anymore. We can work together for a brighter and lighter future if you choose to.
I discovered my talent to bring ease into people’s lives while working on putting my own baggage down. Believe me, I know it can be hard. But I like to think it worth it.
I am a Reiki Master, a Theta Healing Consultant, a Coach and work with many other tools and techniques such as Access Bars (and body processes), NLP, EFT and many more. While love to use these separately I also realised that during a coaching session I usually mix them up to reach better results and have all sessions tailor-made and unique to my clients.

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