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We Offer You: Business Social Media & Online Presence Transformation. 
We are two innovative and visionary Lithuanian guys, who have watched world change & industries to create in front of our eyes (like internet, social media & marketing on those social networks). We have dedicated time, money, energy and effort to master social media and its management, marketing & sales. 
All the business owners want more visibility and more clients coming to their business ready to pay for the service or products that they offer to the market share. Most of the time it takes a lot of time and effort to find those red hot people that are ready to spend cash with You when they find out about You & Your business for the first time. Today economy and sales are based on H2H (heart to heart/human to human) marketing strategies and requires building relationship with those people before they will buy from You. 
We have noticed a BIG problem in the market. Small & medium business owners do NOT know or do NOT understand all the components, how to manage or do marketing on social media and how to manage their online reputation. They do NOT know what kind of content to put out there and how to create it so people would engage with it. Most often they ask their kids or nephews/nieces to do that for them, because they think that younger generation knows how to do social media, but...  
- Just posting anything with a picture from Your business and having fun on social media is NOT marketing, branding, lead generation, sales and much much more... (most of the time You get Your potential clients “scared off” by incorrect approach or low value content). 
- Imagine someone doing it for You in a professional way by communicating and sharing insights and ideas with You about Your marketing campaigns and social media channels. Answering all the messages and organising Your posts on social media channels. Integrating a loyalty rewards program service to help Your customers enjoy more benefits while shopping with You, make them loyal to Your business, so You could get repeated business from multiple clients (statistically it is up to 7 times more expensive to get a new customer than to retain new one (depending on industry), and around 88% of businesses that invest in to loyalty rewards program are more profitable than their competitors). 
We founded our company so we could help small & medium business owners like You, to solve these problems, to keep up with latest strategies, create strong brand story and bring people from social networks to Your businesses so You could focus on what You do best and enjoy Your work/business more than ever, reaping results that just very few achieve. 
- We build relationship with Your customers through social media channels management, creative & attractive content creation and unique copywriting, real conversations with your customers through social media comments and private messages to maintain positive online reputation and more. 
- We are here to build lasting relationships with businesses who are willing to collaborate and take responsibilities so we could deliver your desired results to reality. 

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