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All the bread, bread sticks, focaccia, farinata, tagliatelle, spaghetti, fusilli, maccheroni, gelato, cakes, biscuits, meringues are our own production.

The pasta sauces are all prepared from start to finish when you order them while we stretch your pasta dough. The exception is the bolognese sauce because it takes a few hours to prepare, so we make this in the morning.

The risotto is prepared from start to finish when you order it.

The ravioli are always only on the specials as they change constantly,.

The fish is most of our customers ‘ favourite ,but it’s fresh only, so rarely available on Mondays and…..when it’s finished it’s finished!!! It all comes from the market plaice, in the Plymouth city market, we personally choose it in the morning.

Occasionally you can find veal on the specials board, but ossobuco, scaloppine, and other veal dishes are always available if preordered in time. Ideally the week before but sometimes two days is enough notice to have fresh veal on your table. Our veal comes all from boccadon farm veal, here is their website if you want to know more:

The pizza dough is made with natural fresh yeast, flour, water and salt only. It is left to prove for a minimum of 24 hours as it is a slow raising recipe and this is why it is easy to digest.

All this makes it easy for us to accommodate your desires as much as possible, you can change the dish to your liking, ask for vegan pasta or risotto, the pizza dough is already vegan, so it just depends on what you choose to have on top.

Gluten free is also available, risotto and pasta are not a problem, we sometimes make the farinata which is a traditional gluten free bread, our hazelnut cake is also gluten free and often on the menu.

The pizza instead is not available gluten free as we do not have a separate oven and preparation area.

You might not find everything available at all times, but you can be sure that everything you eat here is really fresh and if there is something required or that you just fancy, let us know when you book and we will do our best to make it happen.

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