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CCM West London Clinic provides Traditional Chinese medicine, body and auricular (ear) acupuncture and acupressure massage treatments by fully trained and insured therapists, which are members of the Acupuncture Society, one of the main professional organisations representing TCM and acupuncture practitioners in the UK. The Acupuncture Society promotes the development of TCM, acupuncture and other Oriental Therapies as effective complementary medical practices. It is an active member of the Acupuncture Stakeholder Working Group set by DoH to map the future of the acupuncture profession in the UK. The Acupuncture Society assures that all its members comply with its strict Code of Ethics, Rules and Regulations and a Code of Professional Conduct and Safe Practice.


Our TCM, acupuncture and acupressure massage treatments are tailor-made to best suit your individual condition. The first visit takes 1.5 hours and involves full medical history taking, deciding a plan of treatment and having the initial treatment. The follow-up visits last 1 hour and include a re-diagnosis and evaluation of the progress with fine-tuning and adjustment of treatment. The diagnosis, treatment objectives, treatment plan and progress are always explained, discussed and approved by the patient – we are here to help you understand, manage and hopefully resolve your health problems.

Below is a short list of complains that respond favourably to our treatments. We are certain that we will be able to help you improve and manage your condition.

-           Acute injuries, strains and sprains
-         Repetitive strain injuries
-         Acute and chronic low back pain
-         Acute and chronic neck pain
-         Acute and chronic shoulder tendon and joint problems, impingement, A/C joint pain, ‘Frozen shoulder’
-         Acute and chronic ‘Tennis and Golfers elbow’
-         Knee joint pain, tendon strains and tendinopathies, ligament and joint sprains
-         Calf and Achilles tendon pain
-         Hamstrings and groin strains
-         Arthritic pain

Chronic pain and dysfunction conditions: 
-         Fibromyalgia and general myofascial pain
-         Low level of energy and functionality
-         ME and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


-           Headache and migraine

-           Post-operative pain

-           Bell’s palsy

-           Stroke recovery


Mental and Emotional:

-           Stress and depression
-           Anxiety, panic attacks
-           insomnia
-           Addiction and withdrawal
-           Stopping smoking

-           indigestion, heartburn
-           Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Menstrual and fertility: 
-           premenstrual tension and painful period
-           irregular period
-           infertility and assisted conception
-           pregnancy sickness
-           facilitation of labour
-           menopausal syndrome

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