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I have had a therapy practice for the past 24 years working with people’s emotional and physical health and I love it!


I am an experienced counsellor and use a variety of techniques to help people make changes as quickly as possible - Hypnotherapy, Kinesiology and Bowen Technique.


My oldest client was 95 years’ old and the youngest 5 days old. Yes, the Bowen Technique is fantastic for newborns.


So why might you come to see me?


  • You may have a fear or phobia that is preventing you from enjoying life, feel depressed or anxious or just need someone to talk to in total confidence.


  • You may have a physical problem that is bugging you and you’ve been told that nothing can help. Well, don’t give up! There might well be some help out there.


  • Nutrition is a vital part of wellbeing and some of the foods we eat actually give our bodies more ‘work’ to do. Kinesiology can help you make some simple and helpful changes here too.


Top quality supplements – I can supply a wide variety and give Lyoness member benefit. Just tell me what you are looking for.


Room Hire is often a difficulty for therapists. I sometimes have rooms available for other practitioners to use.

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