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2 stores now open in Newry - find our new store at: 115 Dublin Road, Newry, Co. Down. BT34 8QP. Tel: 028 30834858.



For dogs we have:

dog food (Royal Canin, Pro Plan, Orijen, Red Mills, Eukanuba, Hills Science Plan, Pedigree, Beta, Supadog, Pedro, Gain, Wagg, Brandy and many more),  dog beds, collars and leads, dog harnesses, dog clothing, dog treats, dog training aids, shampoo and sprays for dogs, wormers, flea treatments, dog bones, dog crates, squeaky toys for dogs, kong toys for dogs, soft toys for dogs, latex dog toys, rubber dog toys, nylabone, tie out stakes, tie out cables, radio fences, bark control collars, dog training information, hide chews, dentastix and all accessories any dog owner might need.

For cats we have:

kittens free to good home, cat food (Whiskas, Royal Canin, Hills Science Plan, Iams, Supacat, Pro Plan, Felix cat food, Sheba, Gourmet, applaws, Cat club, dreamies, temptations, dentabits), cat beds, cat collars, cat carriers, cat flea treatment, cat wormers, catnip, cat toys, cat tunnels, cat scratching posts, cat igloos and everything you might need for your cat.

For small animals we have:

Rabbit food, rabbit hutches, rabbit treats, rabbit toys, rabbit harnesses, rabbit houses, hay, straw and shavings. 

Hamster food, hamster cages, hamster toys, hamsters, hamster wheels, hamster balls. 

Gerbil food, gerbil cages, gerbil toys and accessories.

Guinea pig food, guinea pig cages, guinea pig toys and accessories.

Chinchilla food.

For birds we have:

Bird food, bird toys, bird cages, parrot cages, parrot food, parrot toys,  bird seed, millet spray, cuttlebone, food dishes and bird accessories.

For Wild Birds we have:

Wild bird food, wild bird seed, peanuts, niger seed, nyjer seed, thistle seed, sunflower hearts, sunflower seed, suet pellets, fatballs, suet blocks, peanut feeders, seed feeders, wild bird feeders, wild bird tables, wild bird baths, wild bird drinkers, niger seed feeders, sunflower heart feeders, fatball feeders, fatblock feeders.

For fish we have:

Tropical fish, cold water fish, fish food, aquatic ornaments, filters for fish tanks, dechlorinater, tetra, nutrafin, api, hikari, aquarian, king british food and treatments.

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