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Future Health Management provides food intolerance therapy using a machine invented by a German physicist and is a non invasive test for the client with results in an hour. What the client receives:

- A twelve page report detailing the intolerances/Vitamin and Mineral deficiencies
- Explanation of the food elimination process
- Will be provided with alternative foods/beverages as replacements
The service provides support for many health conditions, some such as weight management, hormonal imbalances,hair loss (please ask your practitioner if you have a health issue you would like to discuss with her) Future Health Management uses Native Elements Food state Supplements which is our sister company.

Native Elements are suppliers of food state nutrients:  These supplements are organic and made of food, they are in a form the body recognizes and can fully absorb. Food State supplements are better absorbed, utilized and retained in the tissues, than any other form of supplements.  Try it for your self and find out. As suppliers of Native Element supplements for further enquiries please e-mail sales@native-elements.co.uk, we can supply to pharmacies, practitioners and health food stores and to members of the public.


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