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À propos de Airport Transfers

Airportransfers.gr provides reliable and affordable transfers from any airport, port, train station or bus station, anywhere in the world, to your hotel, and vice versa (we offer arrival and return transfers). We make your transportation experience simple, comfortable and convenient, using professional drivers and high quality, serviced and clean vehicles.
We offer transportation services with vehicles ranging from shuttles, buses, mini buses, cars, taxis, luxury cars, limos, and many more, depending on your destination. You can choose to travel in a vehicle shared with others (in case you 're on a budget) or enjoy the benefits and the luxury of a private or VIP transfer service (if you require to stay undetected or if you need a large amount of luggage space). You can choose vehicles ranging from a bus or shuttle to a fast car, depending on how fast you need to get to your destination.
All our drivers are professional and well-trained. They will greet and welcome you when you arrive at your terminal (airport, port, bus or train station), ready to help you with your luggage, guide you to the vehicle, and transport you with ease, safety and convenience to your destination. They will pick you up from your hotel, and transfer you back to your departure terminal well ahead of time, during your return transfer. Whether you'd prefer to talk to your driver, listen to some music, or take a nap after a long and tiring journey, the choice really is yours.
Our services have world-wide coverage, in over 190 countries, about 4,000 terminals, and over 100,000 thousand hotels. Our list is still expanding, so, in case you don't find your destination location, our Staff is helpful and willing to provide you with a customized transportation service.
All of our services are with real-time availability, an easy booking process, an on-site and secure payment process, direct confirmation, and at very competitive prices.

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