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Udumäe Holiday Farm is located in Helme Parish,Valgamaa,South Estonia,4,5 kilometres from the nearest town, Tõrva and 3 kilometres from the nearest village, Helme. The farm is surrounded by beautiful nature.

  • accommodation  up to 100 people in summer and up to 50 people in winter

  • enough room for camping

  • possible to stay with a caravan

  • grillhouse for 150 people

  • saunas                                                                                                                                

Come and enjoy peace and quiet, birdsong and fragrance with us. Also visit our website


GSM +372 55 67 45 20




Kirikuküla , Helme parish

Valgamaa, 68611

Udumäe Holiday Farm is the best place for organizing different events.

gatherings, company summer events

weddings, birthday parties, other personal anniversaries

seminars, schoolings

company events and parties

different children’s camps, sports camps etc.

Catering service is used  for bigger events

Different possibilities for an active holiday

several sights not far from the farm: 

Helme Caves and the ruins of Helme Castle


interesting  biking routes in the surrounding area

possible to organize canoe rides on the rivers of Õhne or Emajõgi in cooperation with other entrepreneurs

good ski tracks nearby  in winter

only 35 kilometres to  Kuutsemägi mountain

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