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For us and for the history of
 is an online store with a focus on bee products, herbs, nutritional supplements, cosmetics and pure ingredients as well as super foods. Over the past years we have become the preferred  bio-store in Cyprus. In 2016, we served over 2500 customers via the Facebook platform
The rules we observe in "TRIA 999 ENNIARIA"
1. We offer products with a natural origin of the ingredients
2. We do not offer products before reviewing the profiles of companies and ingredients (even when certified)
3. Carefully choose and try to personally try every product
- Explore our prices - as importers, we offer good prices for certified bio products, cosmetics and super foods
- We carefully choose suppliers and monitor the quality of the products
- We visit famous Bio Exhibitions by creating new contacts with suppliers and manufacturers all over the world
- The products offered are available to us - your order will be processed on the day of receipt and (for orders accepted from Friday to Friday to 18:00)
- We deliver the same day for Nicosia (for orders accepted by Pon-Pet until 13:00) and the next business day for other cities (for orders accepted by Pon-Pet until 18:00, Saturday until 11:30)
Cosmetics in "TRIA 999 ENNIARIA"
The companies that are featured in the TRIA 999 ENNIARIA are small. They are often formed as a family business, some have a bio certificate and others use natural ingredients. We also offer products without a certificate that we have chosen because of the natural ingredients in them. In this way, we would like to support as much as we can people and businesses that create quality and clean products.
Our advice
- When buying cosmetics, read the directions and check the ingredients
- Trust your intuition and follow the rule that the simpler a formula, the better
- Check the bio products and their certificates
We at TRIA 999 ENNIARIA believe that what we eat and put on our bodies affects our thoughts and minds.
With best wishes:
Svilen and Svetla, Zhelevi

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