Tshibo Electric Bicycle

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  • 2% + 1,5 Στο δικό σου ποσό αγοράς
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Easy to Ride!
When talking about cycling with Tshibo eBike we talk about enjoyable exercise, easy movement in the city and cycling without getting tired!
Whether you decide to pedal, move on the electric motor only, or do both together, Tshibo will not disappoint you.
The City eBike!
Whether folding for transportation or storage, the Tshibo Bike is very easy to use. Their battery charges even more easily as with one simple move you can remove it and charge it on any common socket. All that makes Tshibo eBike ideal for city commute.
Free parking!
The solution to the parking problem in the city center and to save on gas! Saving Time & Money, made simple with Tshibo eBike.
An eBike is just what you need to keep uphill roads and hot days from preventing you in moving comfortably in the city. Enjoy the joy of cycling through the streets of the city and use the electric “aid” whenever you need it for assistance or simply to go even faster.
An ideal solution to go to work, go to school or go for a coffee with the benefit of working out at the same time, relaxing and enjoying the ride and especially without the need to look for parking.
Economical like none else, as you do not road registration, insurance or gas!

Δεν μπορείτε να βρείτε την αγορά σας στο Tshibo Electric Bicycle;

* Ανάλογα με τα εκάστοτε προϊόντα που αποκτούνται από την συμβεβλημένη επιχείρηση, οι προμήθειες μεσολάβησης που καταβάλλονται δύναται να διαφέρουν. Όλες οι πληροφορίες για τον σκοπό αυτόν στην παρούσα ιστοσελίδα, παρέχονται χωρίς καμία απολύτως εγγύηση για την ορθότητα και την ακρίβεια.