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Take One Karaoke is the largest karaoke in the city. There are up to 30 comfortable and newly renovated karaoke rooms. The equipment in the karaoke room is professional and well-rounded. The largest room can accommodate 40 people, which is suitable for holding any events or parties for all ages. There is a large room with a stage where you can perform on stage and fully enjoy singing. In addition to the remote-controlled song selection system, Take One has the latest mobile App song selection system. It is surprisingly fast and has a lot of songs, including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and English songs. Every week, Take One updates the song list and adds many new songs. Our servers are hospitable, attentive, and can speak English, Cantonese and Mandarin. We have a great variety of drinks and snacks available at an affordable price. Each month, Take One serves more than 5,000 customers of different ages and ethnicity. It is the best platform for all businesses to promote their products and services.
是全城最大的卡啦OK, 擁有舒適及全新裝修的Karaoke房間多達30間, 房間內設備專業、完善、衛生。我們最大的房間可容納40人, 適合任何年齡人士舉行各大小派對及聚會。大房內更設有舞台, 令您可以在舞台上充分享受唱歌的樂趣。除遙控選曲系統之外, Take One還有最新的手機App點歌系統, 點歌速度驚人, 歌曲選擇眾多, 國粵日韓英語等歌曲一應俱全, 每周更新接近百首最新歌曲。Take One的服務員親切友善, 服務態度周到, 能操粵語, 國語, 英語。我們的酒水飲料食品款式繁多, 收費相宜。
Take One每個月接待超過5000名不同年齡及不同族裔的顧客, 是各商戶推廣產品及服務的最佳平台。

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