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UBA Associates is specialized in environmental noise and vibration impact assessment of stationary sources, environmental impact assessment of traffic noise and vibration, architectural acoustics and noise control in manufacturing and industrial facilities and administered and maintained procedures in accordance with local, provincial and federal regulations. We provided noise assessment and noise control for stationary noise sources impacting residential land uses including rail yards, gas turbine compressor stations, concrete crushing operations, refrigeration condensers, pile-driving activities, and fuel processing plants in municipalities throughout Ontario. We conducted noise assessments for new residential development near existing stationary sources of sound including concrete batching plants, asphalt production facilities, metal fabrication facilities and automotive parts manufacturing plants in municipalities throughout Ontario. Our team experienced in unique and diverse design of a variety of complex building types including health care, water & wastewater, institutional and commercial facilities. We are experienced in client liaison, testing and inspection of mechanical systems, contract specifications, quality control, project management, construction administration services, site inspections, commissioning, feasibility studies and facility.

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