Dr. Helena Zurekova, ND

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As a young child, I remember health always being an important topic and focus in our family. My parents read as many books on nutrition and healthy diets as possible with the goals of having healthy children. So nutrition was always a strong interest in my life leading me to complete a Bachelor of Science in Food, Nutrition and Health. However, I always believed in the healing power of nature being the primary path of healing and prevention. This strong belief lead me to the discovery of Naturopathic Medicine and the undeniable truths of the power of alternative medicine it held.
During my studies of becoming a Naturopathic Doctor, I have discovered my innate care for others and developed the ability of empathy and understanding. Life threw me a few curve balls, such as becoming a mom while finishing school, that taught me the importance of adaptability and perseverance.
Thanks to my pregnancy, however, I have also discovered Bowen Therapy. It was a gem in completely resolving my back pain and my mom’s frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis) in 2-3 sessions, that I had to get certified as a Bowen Therapist.
Informing and educating people about health is my passion and I make it my mission to give it my all to each and every person who is looking for answers to better their health, so they can focus on experiencing life to it’s fullest.

Let me show you the way and let healing come from within.

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