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Saturday and Sunday we are at different markets. Call or email to see where we are.


Through our connections with people in Digby Nova Scotia we are bringing in live Atlantic lobster, frozen Atlantic Lobster meat (claws, knuckles & legs), frozen at sea Haddock, frozen Digby clams and fabulous frozen scallops. These are the best and freshest products coming from Nova Scotia. You can buy in bulk or in smaller portions and if you are local we will even deliver. We supply other seafood stores, restaurants, caterers and the public.

We only carry these 5 products, Live lobster, frozen lobster meat, frozen scallops, frozen Haddock and frozen Digby clams. Through our connections with the fishing industry there we get the best of the best. We have a big turn over in product so it never sits around too long in the freezer or the tank. Fresh is best. Haddock and scallops are flash frozen at sea so it is easy to take what you want out of the bag and put the rest back in the freezer. We have wonderful recipes to share and will gladly give you ideas on how to cook the seafood and the live lobster.

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