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By Appointment only.

NOTE: Due to Covid-19, sessions are only done virtually at this time.

Not close enough to my office in Markham, Ontario? I accept appointments via:
-Zoom/Skype/ (restrictions apply)
-At your location (restrictions apply)

Payment Options (First session payment must be made prior to your first session to hold your appointment time):


Networkers! What an opportunity you have in front of you. Whether you are new, incredibly successful and want to push even further, still trying to reach new heights, or want to master your inner wellness, do I have an opportunity for you! 

The way to the top is possible when you ensure your mind is stronger than your network. To ensure you are operating at your very best, you need to set yourself up for success, remove any bad habits and limitations, and dissolve any fears and emotions that prevent this from becoming your reality. This is all possible with HYPNOTHERAPY!

Imagine a world where all your trapped emotions, fears, anxieties, thoughts and unprocessed life experiences are things we hold tightly in our bodies. These are often the sources of everything that holds us back and limits our personal and professional success. This is the world you are currently living in. Now, imagine a world where you are in full control, leveraging all your resources, dissolving your fears, and creating that new life you always dream of. 

With hypnotherapy, the possibilities are endless. Capture the power of a tool used by millions of people around the world to help create positive change when everything else seems not to work, you feel you can’t do it yourself or you don’t know how to do it.

As Networkers, shoppers, and even people, you have many things you need to direct your energy towards to ensure you achieve your version of success in life. Success comes from achieving the many steps it takes to get there and hypnotherapy is one of the best tools to help.

As Networkers, new and seasoned, hypnotherapy can help with (and much more):
•Attracting new customers and achieving more wealth
•To improve team relationships and dynamics
•How to not repeat past failures
•Deal better with lulls in your business
•Have more energy, clarity, and focus
•Learning what feelings are and how to use them to better your life and business
•Building your communication skills
•Handling rejection
•Building your confidence
•Dealing with daily stress and anxiety
•Dissolving fears to get started or elevate your current position
•Dissolving doubts
•Improving your Sleep issues
•Feeling stuck and not sure where to start
•Removing any fears, phobias, or addictions
•Improving your energy and staying engaged and consistent
•Removing any fear of public speaking
•And so much more…
As Individuals, there is so much that hypnosis can do beyond the above. Lose weight, stop smoking, relieve pain, deal with stress, remove anger, improve confidence and much more.

In just your first 90-minute session, you will begin to gain clarity and create priorities towards what is most important to you. You will also learn the secret language of your feelings and how to use them to better your relationship with yourself, clients, and anyone else. Learn how your mind works and how to leverage it to create the life you have always wanted. From there we will have a plan that is crystal clear and will set you up for maximum success. Most see massive change in just 4-6 sessions (per issue of interest)

What is important to you and what are you waiting for? Start with the end in mind and reward yourself by calling me today to see what is possible for you and your future. I offer a free 20-minute phone consult for free.

One day or day one.  You choose.

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