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We were frustrated with our towel always moving on our mat, it interfered with our practice and exercise and left us feeling defeated when we should have felt a sense of accomplishment.

It really started 6 years ago when Lou wanted to return to yoga following a knee injury and subsequent surgery. He found a hot yoga studio near us and began his rehabilitation back to physical activity. The trouble was, with the heat and sweat, he couldn't get a grip on his mat. He loved hot yoga, and didn't want to give it up, but was concerned he would re-injure himself.  

I soon joined him, beginning my yoga journey, and we quickly began to experiment with existing available products. We tried everything. Starting with the most economical mat and progressing to some of the more pricey and expensive alternatives. For hot yoga, a towel was essential - where else is all that sweat going to go? But even the "best" hot yoga towels didn't cut it. There was still the problem of the towel moving all over your mat with you, and the countless minutes you wasted in your practice trying to re-align it. The result was more frustration than "zen".

Necessity became the mother of invention. It was clear that we needed a "system" that would hold the towel to the mat securely without it bunching and getting in the way of yoga poses or exercise moves. It also had to be easy to clean and keep hygienic.

HOGA™ Mat and towel combination was born and transformed our practice dramatically! It wasn't long before people were asking where to buy our creation, that we knew we had to share this product with others so that they could experience what we had discovered. 

We are two devoted athletes, fitness junkies and yoga enthusiasts. We both have Bachelor of Science degrees, Lou's in Material Science and mine in Biology. I am a certified yoga instructor (200hr RYT), teaching non-heated yoga and practicing both hot and non-heated yoga. I have over 30 years of experience in health and fitness currently instructing group fitness classes such as Bootcamp, Circuit, Boxing and STRONG by Zumba. I use the HOGA™ Mat for ALL my classes!

We are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality products that will change your yoga or exercise experience and inspire you to continue your journey in health and wellness. We're here for you!

- Nicole St.Jacques and Lou Fasullo, Creators of the HOGA™ mat and founders of Snap Mat Systems Inc. 

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