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Collision Centre
All of our paints are mixed in house to assure the best COLOUR MATCH
Our paint booth significantly minimalizes dirt and dust (almost next to none!)
Decreases drying time using its baking methods
We professionally repair all FRAME DAMAGES
We aim to bring the vehicle back to its factory standards using appropriate frame racks and tools
StreetXtreme Automotive also offers full support!
If you were in a vehicle accident and wish to proceed with an insurance claim, we provide support and guidance
We ensure you receive a STRESS-FREE EXPERIENCE
Need a rental?
We offer RELIABLE ON-SITE CAR RENTAL services, striving to make it as convenient as possible for all of our customers.
Ranging from basic to a full Gold Package
Our AutoSpa offers everything including:
Carpet Steaming
Dirt Extraction
Waxing and more!
Our paint work:
We have a paint booth that uses the downdraft and baking methods
All of our paints are also made in-house!
All of our paint jobs come with a lifetime warranty that includes peeling and fading
Our frame work:
We use a frame rack, not just a hammer and chisel
We aim to bring the vehicle back to its factory specs
All frame work is done by our licensed body man who has been licensed for over 30 years
**We also offer COMPLIMENTARY CLEANUP for any vehicles needing bodywork services! Fill out our quick and easy service appointment form below to book your appointment today!

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