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  • 2% de Cashback + 6% Sur votre achat
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Modalités et conditions

Cash back benefits only available on retailer portion of the bill. Cash back is not available for transmission & distribution fees,local access fees & taxes as these do not go to Astro Energy.


We sell the same electricity and natural gas, through the same lines as everybody else, but what makes us totally different is that 10% of our profit goes to the charity that you select – at zero extra cost to you. You are already paying your utility bills, so why not help a deserving charity too?
Learn more about our charities on our website 
ELECTRICAL RATES: The Floating Rate is indexed directly to the cost of electricity sold by the generators into the Alberta Power Pool and changes monthly. The floating rate is calculated as the cost of energy plus 1 cent per kWh. Our monthly Admin fee is $5 per site per month
NATURAL GAS RATES: The natural gas variable rate is based on the Alberta Market Price published by NGX and changes monthly. The variable rate is calculated as the cost of natural gas plus $0.89/GJ. Our monthly Admin fee is $5 per site per month.

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