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Angela Allain, RMT Tel: (416).894.6840 Email:
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Angela Allain is a graduate of ICT Northumberland College (2009), with training in various massage styles and techniques, including: Therapeutic/Deep Tissue; Myofascial; Trigger Point Release; Hot Stone; Relaxation; Thai Yoga; Suikodo; and Manual Lymph Drainage. Additionally, she has studied Peripheral Joint Mobilizations, stretching, and strengthening techniques.
Angela’s interest in holistic therapies began at a young age. She was repeatedly told from the age of 12 onward that she had a natural inclination towards massage and was encouraged to pursue massage therapy as her career. As she worked toward that goal, she began to take additional training in the health field, including becoming a Reiki practitioner (completed in 2002), working her way up to Reiki Master/Teacher, (2010), as well as becoming a Certified Ear Candler (2007) and, most recently, a certified Iridologist (2016). .
Angela walks the talk, living a healthy lifestyle by eating organic and raw foods, practicing Yoga, Belly Dancing, swimming, biking, Kung Fu, and going to the gym regularly. She worked in health food stores for over 4 years, receiving on-the-job training in nutrition as well as attending industry conferences, and now facilitates holistic healing workshops on the following topics: Intro. to the Healing Arts; Raw Food and Nutrition; How helping heal the planet helps to heal you; Meditation, Deep breathing; and Yoga; Belly Dancing Basics; Reiki and Vibrational Medicine; and Massage therapy. For other holistic health practitioners, she also teaches Networking Ninja: The Art of Meeting People.
She plans to continue to expand her education by adding the following modalities to her offerings: Cranial Sacral therapy, Colour and Sound therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs), as well as going deeper into massage training with specializations in Myofascial, Thai Yoga massages and Trigger Point Release. She is currently enrolled in studies for Iridology.
Why choose Angela? She treats the individual, not the symptoms or the condition. She wants to give YOU the best treatment for YOUR best interest and healing.

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