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Inspire Women's Fitness is a community of amazing women; each may have different fitness goals but are seeking some of the same things. You are seeking Community, Support, Mental Wellness, Confidence, Strength, Safety, Fitness Results and Childcare. That is what we offer here. We want you to come as you are and we will welcome you.

We have 60+ classes/week to choose from and our instructors are here to give you the personal attention you need. We don’t have big equipment but we have all the tools we need to help you achieve your fitness goals, whatever they maybe. We have classes for every fitness level.

We can talk about how amazing our community of women is all day but you just have to walk thru our doors and you'll see & feel it for yourself. If you're nervous about joining a fitness community, we understand as we've been there. That's why we want you to feel free to stop by for a coffee or tea and just hang out and experience Inspire Fitness for yourself.

And for all those with little ones - Childcare is included in your membership.

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