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Light Smile Express Inc. has developed innovative methods to help dental offices and DSOs attract new patients, retain existing patients, reactivate prior patients and motivate patients to help build their practice through referrals and online reviews.

Our concept is simple: we leverage the growing demand for whitening to drive patient action. Light Smile Express replaces cost-prohibitive custom trays with our patented, preformed mouth trays. The kits (mouth tray plus two (2) whitening gel syringes) offer high perceived value ($80-$100), yet cost only $7-9 per kit (with volume discounts and customization available).

We teach dental practices to SIMPLIFY their Dental Marketing using the A-B-C's to achieve their specific marketing/practice growth goals:    

A = Attract New Patients (through Advertising, Referrals)  
B = Build a Social Media Presence (Our foolproof system gets patients to write online reviews)  
C = Convince Inactive Patients to Rebook   

To help offices build their brand, we offer private labeling/imprinting on the take-home kits, including syringes with low minimum orders.   

Our techniques have been successful for multiple DSOs and our line has been picked up by dental distributors across North America.   

Light Smile Express also consults on other creative ways dental offices can use our whitening kits to:  

*Increase Revenue - Encourage Multiple Visits 
*Increase Referrals - Word of Mouth Advertising 
*Book More Recall Appointments 
*Convert Frustrated Patients into Raving Fans 
*Reduce Loss of Income by Minimizing Cancellations 
*Increase Online Presence 
*Generate Online Reviews – Be More Competitive

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