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Rest Assured Bodyworks is a privately owned health and wellness centre founded in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

We provide a variety of health, wellness, and life support services, events and products.

Services: Various Techniques of Massage Therapy (Therapeutic, Swedish Relaxation, Pregnancy, Pediatric and Infant), CranioSacral Therapy (10 Step Protocol, Somato Emotional Release, Mouth Work), Life Coaching & Support, Breema, Reflexology, Aroma Therapy, Reiki.

Events: Group Life Coach and Support, Living with Chakras, DIY Essentials.

Products: Himalayan Salt Products (Table Salt, Bath Salt - unscented and various scents, Salt Lamps - various sizes, Brine Solution Salt Crystals), Neti Pots, PH Testing Kits, Organic Sanitary Napkins, Aloe Vera Based Products (Aloe Juice, Skin Care, Therapeutic, ...), Essential Oils and Blends (including all Essential Oil based Natural Body Care and Supplements).

Locations: Canyon Meadows (SW) - Home Based Practice

Rest Assured Bodyworks was founded based on the principle of helping people help themselves. We are sensitive and passionate about connecting with every person that walks through our door. We are all here on this journey called life and as such, we all have different experiences that will challenge us and help us all to grow and elevate our vibration.

We believe that as health and wellness practitioners or better say facilitators, we have been given the opportunity to assist and support others. We are privileged by all of those who put their trust in to our practice.

We encourage you to make an appointment and experience our calming and caring approach to your health and wellness and promotion of Healthy Body, Healthy Soul.

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