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I work with business owners, professionals and high achievers who struggle with anxiety and stress so they can experience more time and fun in their life.

Benefits of Program and Services

 Decrease anxiety, overwhelm and stress
 Release the "struggle" syndrome
 Do more in less time, be more efficient and effective
 Gain clarity and make clear decisions
 Be more motivated and have more energy
 Create a vision with a plan of action steps to achieve your targets and goals
Live a balanced lifestyle and bring back the JOY into your business

*As a certified Life Mastery Consultant & Body Code Practitioner, I combine Brave Thinking Technology with the Energy Medicine of the Body Code. I help you pinpoint and identify your imbalances and misalignments that can cause negative self-beliefs, self-sabotage, resistance, lack of energy, motivation and progress.

Quantum Shift Programs 
​DreamBuilder Program - 12 weeks
​"During the DreamBuilder program with coaching sessions, I love and appreciate the way you challenge my thinking with your keen insightfulness, using the effective questions that help me find the best answers for my Higher Good. I also enjoy and find the references to relevant quotes very useful. I know you are always 100% present and vested during our coaching sessions. I am very grateful that you are sharing your talents to help me use my potential and increase my feelings of aliveness. It has been a very long time since I have felt this alive, purposeful and hopeful.
~ With Deep Gratitude", Sandy (Executive Assistant)

Enhanced Body Code Program
"I was surprised how the Body Code worked at detecting my imbalances and misalignments. After each session I felt lighter, more grounded, focused, had better energy, clarity and felt lighthearted. In just four sessions, I was amazed at my results, the gains I had in my Immune System, heart functioning, other organs, and glands. I felt more positive and aware. It was really interesting exploring how everything is connected. Wendy explained everything so it was easy to understand, it wasn't heavy. I had fun. I would recommend this for anyone, even for people who think they are healthy. It is a great preventive tool. Almost like a body tune-up!" ~ Shane B.
Working with the Law - 12 weeks
"A few years back I took the DreamBuilder course with Wendy Majewski. It was enlightening and opened so many doors that I had previously shut. In the spring of 2019, I mentioned to Wendy I was on the precipice of feeling fulfilled but there was a sense of lack or something missing in my journey. Wendy listened intently and came to the table with the perfect program - Working With The Law. This course has been the icing on the cake. It solidified my sense of fulfillment by helping me understand the Laws, and their application to my life - past, present and future. So much makes sense now and I am so immensely grateful for being taught how to move forward, confidently, in the direction of my dreams. The course allowed me to start a new business and uplevel my current financial business while having a creative outlet that was profitable! Wendy's coaching was empowering, enriching and invaluable.

I had the opportunity to experience an Emotion Code Session with Wendy Majewski. It was incredibly informative, enlightening and empowering. Uncovering and releasing of old beliefs and experiences has served me well. I feel alive and move more freely without the weight of old baggage from myself and others. I am so grateful for the services Wendy carries in her toolkit to help me on my journey of self-discovery. She is truly a gem!"
    Barb B. (Artist & Financial Planner)​​
Life Mastery - 6 months
​​ "After taking the group Into Your Genius program I carried on with DreamBuilder to gain the 12 steps in Dream Building and then continued on and graduated from Life Mastery. A deep introspective program that deepened my spirituality, improved my results, enhanced my relationships and health. It really increased my level of awareness on many levels. I truly enjoyed the one on one coaching and the dive deep! "~ Andrew J.

Enhanced Into Your Genius - 12 weeks
"Through this group program, I learned that I can accomplish anything that I set my mind to do! I am far more capable than I realized and I have the confidence to increase my success in my businesses. It was an amazing journey. Thank you" ~ Reinhart

Benefits of program and services for clients:

  • Create a clear vision with action steps to achieve their goals
  • Feel less anxious and overwhelmed, able to make clear decisions, work more efficiently and effectively
  • Feel more motivated and have more energy

As a Practitioner, Wendy uses can pinpoint and identify what imbalances and misalignments are occurring in your body by connecting with your subconscious to identify the root causes. You may not be consciously aware of what is causing you not to progress. The Body Code is remarkably effective and painless. It is break through fascinating type of energy medicine.  

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