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Transformation Results Consulting (TRC) was created because too many entrepreneurs are having difficulty, not achieving the results they want or employees that are dissatisfied in their career. The good news is we can help!
Let's be honest, have you ever wondered why sometimes you feel stuck?
  • Do you lie awake at night and wonder why things aren’t working out the way you planned?
  • Do you feel like time is running out and you haven't accomplished what really matters to you?

As founder and master coach of TRC, Wendy Majewski has been in the study of transformation for over 20 years. She has partnered with the Brave Thinking Institute as a Certified Life Mastery Consultant and Dream Builder Coach and licensed to provide proven "Brave Thinking Technology" to change your results.

Benefits of program and services for clients:

  • Create a clear vision with action steps to achieve their goals
  • Feel less anxious and overwhelmed, able to make clear decisions, work more efficiently and effectively
  • Feel more motivated and have more energy

As a Practitioner, Wendy uses can pinpoint and identify what imbalances and misalignments are occurring in your body by connecting with your subconscious to identify the root causes. You may not be consciously aware of what is causing you not to progress. The Body Code is remarkably effective and painless. It is break through fascinating type of energy medicine.  

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