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Regalo’ in Brampton BRAMPTON -Aarya 24kt has opened its first flagship showroom ’Regalo – The Perfect Gift’ in North America. Inaugurated by the glamorous Malaika Arora Khan on March 1st, the elite gathering was attended by hundreds of fans who waited in chilling cold to get a glimpse of their favourite Bollywood star.

 Aarya 24kt, a pure gold foil collection possesses an outstanding product line and product quality, built on an intense passion for innovation and visionary thinking. Right from the image of your sacred belief to the creation of a masterpiece, gold works wonders. The certified products come with 99.99% purity and a lifelong guarantee. The variety that Aarya possesses is second to none. Aarya 24kt product range comes in five major themes: Aastha, Zevar, Flowers Forever Is Collection, Club Collection and Home Décor. Since its inception in 2009, Aarya 24kt has grown exponentially with more than 50 outlets all over India. Aarya 24kt is a leading brand in its field.

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