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Vinland Homes is a small family owned home builder, and is one of this city's premier builders.  With considerable focus on energy efficiency and providing as much value for you as possible.

We serve the entire Saskatoon area including neighbouring communities, and build everything from entry level homes with legal suites to high end custome homes.  Whatever your dream home is, whatever your budget is.  We can build it for you.

We work with you right fron initial idea to completion.  Whatever your desire in a home is, we can get it done for you as we believe in a hands-on approach to the home building process.  We also accept any changes or customizations you want before or during construction, and we encourage new ideas.

Through our unique and efficient building model, we're able to build beautiful new homes with exceptional quality – all at affordable prices.

Your experience also doesn't stop at closing, we're here for you for the long term.  It's about going above and beyond the superior standards and exceptional service that you expect from us.

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