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The health of your business directly reflects the health of you and your staff. Are you a business or facilitator looking for a unique environment to host your next workshop, retreat or conference?  Namaste Esperanza offers facilities and programs that cater to your specific personal and/or business wellness needs.

Our aim is to understand you as a client and work closely with you to facilitate your specific needs, helping to create that perfect environment to set the stage for accelerated growth within your group. When you leave your familiar surroundings, even if only for a day or two, the newness of your experience ignites sparks of imagination, communication and creativity. This setting enhances your group’s ability to dissolve energy blocks, resolve conflicts, and create new sustainable, innovative ways of moving forward.

Our expertise is in resolution and sustainability, both professionally and personally. We strive to be a leader in conscious, sustainable solutions for all people, all businesses, the planet, and the future. Animals are natural workshop facilitators and can assist you in your transformation. Compassionate leadership built on cooperation and creativity starts inside you.

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