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We offer:

  • Preparation and Filing of Tax Returns (including E-Filing)
    • Personal Tax Returns (T1)
    • Corporate Tax Returns (T2)
    • HST Returns
  • Payroll Services including preparation of Payroll stubs, Direct Deposits, PD7A and WSIB
  • Book-Keeping and Accounting Services including the Outsourcing Services
  • Preparation of Financial Statements & Reporting to CRA
  • Company Incorporation (both Federal and Provincial)
  • CRA Audits and Appeals
  • Business Setups / Loans
  • CFO For Hire.

AVH Consulting is a professional practice firm that works with Canadian and International companies. When we speak to business owners we may hear one of the following:

  • Frustrated as they don’t know how to read their financial statements properly so they make smart business investments
  • Bothered that they are not large enough to hire a qualified CFO but they need this advice for their business
  • Worried that they are not sure if they are selling their products or services profitably,
  • Concerned that they need to make a major financial injection in their business to grow but aren’t sure if they can afford this

We take care of all your accounting and taxation issues, so all you need to do is to….

Note:  Your Cashback World benefits and discounts apply to your entire bill, including previous years' tax returns.

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