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  • 2% de Cashback + 5% Internet
  • 2% de Cashback + 5% Electricity
  • 1% de Cashback + 5% Gas
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Get Energy is Alberta's Local Retailer! Located in the Municipality of Wood Buffalo and providing service to most of Alberta. Our mission is to provide a great customer experience and reward our customers through the Cashback World Rewards Program.

To sign up please call customer service at 1-780-665-4771 or visit our webpage here.

***Visit our Web Page at to sign up now! Please input your Cashback World ID number and the name of the person who referred you in the field that reads "Referred By / Referral Code".***

***A prudential may be required and we credit the customers account 5% interest annually on this prudential. ***

***The Cashback World benefit is earned on the deregulated portion of the invoice (Price of Energy). The regulated portion of the invoice (Distribution) flows through to the System Owner in the respective location. 

2% Cash Back on Qualified Electrical Rates
Electrical Variable Rate (Capped at 8 cents/kWh)
Flex 5 - 6.97 cents/kWh

1% Cash Back on Qualified Natural Gas Rates
Natural Gas Rate (Capped at  $5/GJ)
Flex 1 - $3.57/GJ***

2% Cash Back on any Internet Plan

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