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Beautiful extra virgin Olive Oil imported directly from Crete Olive Groves produced using traditional principles of Olive cultivation exclusively from the Olea Europea variety, Koroneiki, which gives an oil of exquisite quality, aroma, flavour and very low acidity.  These 100s of year old Olive groves are pristine, far from any pollution, near the sea, growing in a perfect climate.  On holiday four years ago we discovered this fabulous Olive Oil and we have been importing for friends and family for four years now and the demand just keeps growing.  The health benefits of quality olive oil are numerous.  But it must be of the highest quality and fresh to be beneficial!  The oil sold in North America has been combined with other oils and sat for who knows how long on store shelves.  We air ship this Olive Oil right after it is harvested - as fresh as is possible.  We ship North America wide.

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