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Quality Excellence Centre Inc. offers short courses (Min 2 hours each) and Homeopathic treatment

  1. Website: Create and manage your own website

  2. NoSQL/Cloud Database

  3. Islam - Essentials:  Help you to educate on powerful concepts of Islam

  4. Help you educate on basics of Language of Holy Quran and its grammar

  5. Quality basics: Help you to manage Quality to produce services and products with zero defects.

  6. Project Management Basics: Help you to manage projects effectively.

  7. Audit Basics: Help audit your system to improve  products and processes

Homeopathic Clinic of Canada - Consult Dr.Pravin Patel,HD,DHMS,MBBS(III) TEL#416-543-5231 for Homeopathic treatment -emotional, mental & physical healing -Safe,inexpensive & no side effects-Acts on persons of all ages including pets. Call NOW to make appointment.


Special notes


  1. Each courses  shall be taught and priced  separately

  2. All courses are min 2 hours except Language of Holy Quran and its grammar (8 hours)

  3. Call or email qec14@outlook.com for details

  4. Class size 6-20 persons

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