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We are one of the leading retail pet food outlets in Victoria for Holistic Blend Dog and Cat Food as well as their amazing line of homeopathic pet supplements and remedies. We are also pleased to now be selling exclusively Satori dog and cat food. Satori is a word from ancient Asia which means many things but enlightenment being a key meaning of the word. Satori is sourced from small owner-operated farms in Saskatchewan, instead of large undisclosed feed lots. We have substituted two other leading brands in favor of Satori and are pleased with the overwhelming customer response and the many satisfied pets we care the most about! Satori is not overly rich in proteins in fat like some other brands, and features pro-biotics added to their formulas for balanced digestion in dogs and cats, - even those with digestive issues and sensitivities. We also carry dry, wet, raw frozen dog and cat foods.

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