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 Royalty Goldsmiths is a unique, privately owned jewellery store. We started out as a small jewellery repair shop over 20 years ago. Since then, it has grown into a blossoming jewellery store, now masters of repair, and custom jewellery design. 


We have a full time goldsmith on premis­es specializing in all types of jewellery re­pair, from rings and necklaces, to watches, with same-day service available. We can repair and restore your antique and heir­loom jewellery or reinvent it into a new modern design.

Our unique custom design program al­lows you to sit down with our designers, and see your creation before it is actually crafted. Over 10 years ago, we were one of the first in the prov­ince with 2D computerized design pro­grams, and now we are breaking through with 3D designing. Appoint­ments can be booked with our designers for a free consultation.  

We want to thank all our customers over the years for making Royalty Goldsmiths your one-stop shop for all of your jewel­lery needs. If by any chance you have not worked with us yet, then  stop by, and we will show you what it is like to be treated like Royalty.

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