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Approximately 40 litters of water runs through the colon to remove accumulated waste, candida overgrowth, gas, mucus, tiny parasites and toxins that have become trapped inside.  This clears your colon of the waste, that had been clogging your system, allowing your colon to extract nutrients the way it is meant to. Stimulating the colon gently with warm water tones the muscles that run all through its length, ensuring that it works more efficiently to eliminate waste. As a result, it gives you an overall sense of refreshed well-being as well as increased energy.

Since the colon is a primary organ of elimination, its overloading with the built-up toxins can contribute to the disfunction of other eliminating organs such as the lungs, bronchioles, kidneys, skin, liver and the lymph system. These organs become overloaded with toxic settlements. This can lead to wide array of symptoms including fatigue, stale body odour, bad breath, acne and other skin problems.

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