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Since 1997 ROSMOSIS Canada Ltd. - strives to be Canada's leading provider of quality water treatment systems and services for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.
ROSMOSIS realizes that to ensure a healthy lifestyle for all of us, as well as future generation individuals and businesses must take personal responsibility for the safety and well being of our planet. It is our goal to promote this philosophy in every aspect of our business and personal lives.
ROSMOSIS Canada is your source for Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Systems and other pure water filter solutions. Nothing is more taken for granted by all of us than the impact water has on our health. Water is a substance that is so plentiful and simple in its composition, that we have completely misunderstood its role upon our health. Reverse Osmosis water filter systems and other water filter solutions help you maintain your healthy life style. The quality and quantity of the water we drink each day will directly affect the supporting functions of our bodies and hence our quality of our lives.
Water helps protect against a variety of ailments: Water may improve your appearance, and it may help you lose weight. Studies also show that drinking enough water may give you more energy during exercise, increase the calories you burn during exercise, and help your body reduce fat deposits.
We at ROSMOSIS provide you with only the highest quality of products and services for our customers. Our integrity is never compromised and we always do the right thing for our customers, our employees, and our environment.

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