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For small owner managed businesses or organizations that don’t have a full time Chief Financial Officer or Financial Guru….

Or for those of you who need a great accountant or tax planner/preparer.


Perhaps you need help in starting, growing or making your business more profitable or you are getting bogged down in the financial and administrative details of your business. Or maybe you just need help in monitoring the performance of your business accurately and timely.


We believe that the strength and foundation of a healthy and vibrant economy in Canada rests with the courage and determination of the small business owner and because of that belief our mission is to help and assist small businesses succeed.


We provide our clients with the expertise of an experienced seasoned Chief Financial Officer on a part time basis, a Virtual CFO. While we would typically spend between one day a month to perhaps 1-2 days per week working on your business, we are also available 24/7 by phone or email.

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