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As someone committed to your patients, you need an optical lab that’s committed to you. Good service, superior craftsmanship, and the performance you want for the people who rely on you.  That’s why I’m pleased to introduce you to Harding Optical Labs.


Harding Optical Labs is a full-service optical lab that really is custom designed to help you help your patients, and grow your business. We feature:


  • A full inventory of stock lenses – We have lenses from many top manufacturers, and some you may not even be aware of, including all indexes and high cylinders.
  • Unparalleled expertise – I have 37 years of experience in the industry
  • The ability to meet your needs – We are not interested in selling a particular lens. We are interested in what works for you and your patient.
  • A solution-oriented approach – There is always a way, no matter how challenging the job.
  • Unmatched service and craftsmanship – We care about what we do, we care about our clients, and it shows.

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