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We’re a team of travellers and explorers who live for nature. Across all of our experiences, we’ve drawn inspiration from the great outdoors, along with the beautiful landscapes and abundant life within it.

We believe that nature should be an essential part of our everyday lives, especially in urban communities. Enthusiastic about plants and wildlife, our people bring living walls and aquariums to spaces.

We create moments of serenity in daily life by connecting people with nature.
That’s why we call ourselves 19 Islands—it’s a nod to the Galápagos, an otherworldly archipelago in South America. The birthplace of Darwin’s theory of evolution, the biodiversity found on these islands is a wonder to behold.

To us, the Galápagos is more than an exotic destination. It’s the reason we create natural art. It’s a thriving ecosystem that captures our imaginations. Its grace and grandeur inspires all that we do.
Visit our retail location today and experience nature through our eyes.  See our spectacular array of marine & freshwater aquarium livestock & products. 

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