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The Fukuoka / Yame region has long been known as a production center of high-grade tea, but "Hoshino Village" located in Oku Yame is famous as a place to produce high quality gyokuro that boasts the highest quality in the country. 

We are manufacturing and finishing machines with a truly heart, keeping the traditional tradition of good quality tea at the mountain ri of this misty Yame.
In recent years, the needs of consumers for tea have also diversified, and products that are "more hygienic" and "safer" have come to be demanded. 

Hoshino Tea Garden strives to deliver delicious tea unchanged throughout the year, by precisely processing under thorough quality control in order to respond to these customer's requests. 

I would be pleased if you could associate with as many customers as possible through tea. 
I am hoping that one drop of "tea drops" will cross over every corner of people's mind, regain peace of mind, and stay in peace. 
Please, thank you for your patronage a little.

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