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HI, I’m Laurie,

I’m a marketer, creative visionary, and an un-stoppable go-getter dedicated to sharing my skills and experience to help you succeed.

Born and raised in Beautiful British Columbia, just kicking rocks down by the Fraser River. I’m proud to live and work here and to be raising my family in the same area I grew up. I’m also very proud to have created L.Ashley Strategy Inc., a creatively conscious one-woman marketing agency that supports small businesses and entrepreneurs locally and globally.
Through hands on Market Research, Planning, and Execution I help people like you execute Marketing Campaigns, Events, and Programs. I help you present the face of your company to your customer, and more importantly connect that voice of the customer back to you. The icing on this cake, I do what I do best, so you can do what you do best. My guess… it’s probably not Marketing.

If you LOVE Marketing as much as I do, you’d call it BACON!
I’m a passionate communicator, with a specialty in business relationships. If you want to know how to fill your client appreciation events, what to do at a networking lunch, or the best way to be introduced to someone, I’m your gal.
I love to write. I have a background in sales and business development writing. So, when it comes to sales and website copy, I’ve got you covered. What really lights me up though, is sharing my life and business experience. If one of my “lessons learned” can help just one person, I know I’ve shared with purpose. I’m a contributor at The Huffington Post, Thrive Global, and do public speaking (twist my arm!). I love storytelling.

Speaking, Ladies Who Lunch Network Panel at HootSuite HQ From Left: Laurie Ashley, Kristina Matisic, Natalie Elizabeth Boll, Maria Kritikos.

I developed a lot of my skills over years being in the Marketing ring working in the corporate world of global companies, working with teams selling capital equipment and services. I learned how to successfully participate and lead marketing projects all over the world, both online and off, and I learned how to get the world to come to me.

I value, and hold dear my corporate days, but eventually I realized I was ready for a change of pace (jet-setting can take it’s toll). I was ready to settle into my home studio (ok, it was my converted closet, but now it’s a full office overlooking my garden!). I realized that many, scratch that… ALL of these big business tactics and techniques on some level do support small business and solopreneurs. These businesses were in need to being taken seriously by marketing professionals, and I was the link.

I gave up my corner office, and jet-setting corporate life to build a Marketing and Communications business from the ground up.
I coined the phrase Wallflower To Superpower as I know many of you can relate to needing to be seen. The phrase came from my experiences first in business as a shy entry level baby and my journey to Leadership, Marketing Director and SuperPower level confidence.
Wallflower To Superpower Club is the newsletter group where I share intimately this continued journey. I trust that these musings and direct tools support the growth you need when it comes to business, marketing, and networking for results.
I strongly believe that with the right knowledge and data behind a great plan (they don’t tell you that marketing isn’t all lip gloss and shoe shine), that you’ll see the results you deserve. I believe we get what we put in, and marketing efforts should always be 200%. I believe the companies that know this, know marketing isn’t about them, it’s about the customer.

Yah Yah, customers always right. Sure, but what if you knew what your customers needed before they did? What if when they connected with you they felt at home, as if with an old friend? People buy from people and companies they know, like, and trust. Usually the folks in my life, like that, are the ones that care enough to listen to me. Oh to be seen, heard and valued.
I define connection as the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship.” “Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen. – Brene Brown

If you think about the brands you love, I’m sure you get that feeling, you know the one, like they’re listening, they care. They know that marketing doesn’t have to be hard or cost millions, marketing is about listening, communicating, and being empathic to the customers. When you have that kind of heart in the game, the tangible marketing efforts will shine.

Very significantly I believe I’m here to help others with their visions of marketing. I’ve had a number of milestones along this journey that supports my work, creativity, and vision. I’m happy to share more with you.

Laurie Ashley owns L.Ashley Strategy Inc., a marketing and business development consultancy. Laurie is an ambitious woman, entrepreneur, and public speaker. She helps others take responsibility of their marketing and business goals so they can take action. Laurie has a formal background that spans over a decade working in the corporate sector. Laurie focused on international relationship marketing, trade show management and sales support. This work ranged from managing small private events to overseeing large multi-national conventions. Charged with annual budgets in the high six figures, writing sales proposals and supporting engineering services and capital equipment sales teams was all part of her leadership marketing roles. Laurie’s passport stamp collection highlights years of events managed and attended in worldwide destinations such as Beijing, Copenhagen, London and Chicago. Laurie’s true experience comes from her daily adventures with her family, the realness of parenting, being human and of course coffee.

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