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We provide professional commercial and residential roofing services, quality workmanship, and use top of the line products with the best warranties in the business. We are the leader in customer satisfaction, and we strive to bring all our customers a superior experience with their roofing project.
Installing a WM Roofing system for your house, commercial or industrial property is a smart choice for many reasons:
Enhanced Property Value A roof installed by experienced WM Roofing professionals adds thousands of dollars to the value of the property. WM Roofing is a preferred roofing contractor for Duro-Last roofing systems, and for all the leading residential roofing manufactures as well (see our Residential page).
Energy Efficiency One day every roof in North America will harness green roofing application. Installing an eco-friendly Duro-Last PCO product on your roof will not only reflect 87% of the sun, but it will also save you money on energy costs. WM Roofing specializes in green applications for commercial, industrial and residential applications.
Greater Durability The new and improved roofing products will outlast any traditional roofing application with outstanding performance and durability.
Worry Free Guarantee WM Roofing systems carry warranties of 40 years and more on residential applications and 20 years on Industrial and commercial properties, guaranteed against failure. Our industrial and commercial applications are growing in popularity among government properties, industrial and commercial businesses.

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