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We’re so happy that you’re looking for local, sustainable food in Alberta and that you found us! At Meadow Creek Farms, our Protein Program includes Chickens, Turkeys and Pork raised outside with natural feed. In our Organic Vegetable Operation, we raise a variety of healthy veggies including potatoes, dill, cucumbers, field tomatoes, beets, squash, onions, garlic, peas, beans, kale, rhubarb and raspberries.
With regular deliveries to Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Slave Lake, Jasper and Calgary, we make it easy to incorporate delicious, local food into your family's meals. Give us a try. We'd love to be your farmer!
- Mandy Melnyk, Owner/Farmer

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OR contact Mandy directly to determine the best option to get you food! 

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Here is a little taste of what our specials have to offer.. 

~Campfire Sausage That Brings a Smile~
2 rings of Ham Garlic Kielbasa
2 packages of Breakfast Sausage
2 packages of Smokies
2 packages of Pepperoni
1 package of Bratwurst

~Shift Worker Chicken Package~
2 Chicken Breast (2 packages)
18 Chicken Wings (1 package)
6 Drumsticks (1 package)
4 Thighs (1 package)
1 Whole Chicken
2 lb Ground Chicken (2 packages)

**All meat is priced per pound**

How to order

Place orders online at
and specify where you would like it delivered to!
For any further inquiries or details email Mandy 

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